*and how do we know so much about food?

I’m basically a snowboard-seasonaire-loving foodie with hungry friends. This? This was an idea, that was the easy part, we needed to somehow make it happen.
I started off my career as a chef in the city. Then, after some gourmet ski seasons, I went on to sell fresh produce to city banks and top restaurants via contract caterers. I loved it. But, I also loved the beach life.
A seaside gear change to one of Dorset’s hottest agencies – Folk – gave me digital grounding in everything fashion, brands, and storytelling. But after four years of digital, I returned to the pots, pans and produce of the kitchen once more – this time to address a country-wide pitfall: the ordinary lunch.

With my local produce contacts in Dorset, I started creating original salads and slow cooked meals. The lunches were a far cry from the usual supermarket offering. Word spread quickly on social media amongst the digitally savvy: slow food & fast tech had had a love child, and it was called Lunch’d.
After 12 months and near on 4.500 meals, I needed help. So, I drafted in some technical foodie wannabe recruits to take us to the next level. Take a look below to meet the team.

But, before you do. here’s my final spiel: I want to take you on a journey, from the source of our incredible local produce, to how we lovingly craft your food. With our daily Instagram vids and bi monthly seasonal webisodes, you’ll have the inside scoop on all our kitchen antics. We’re not just a group of chefs that smile for the camera. Our passion is you: the people, and what you love to eat. Making everything from scratch isn’t always easy, but it makes for some great footage – and we’re happy to share that with you. Videos coming early next year.

So without further ado, welcome to the UK’s first subscription site for healthy lunches delivered. Welcome to Lunch’d.


*of digital foodies


Head of Broccoli & Founder

Oli has always has had his size 6.5 feet in the food world somewhere. Starting off as the cliche washer-upper in his dad’s shops, he progressed to sous chef in hotels, and then head chef – doing snowboard seasons in the Alps in his 20’s. Oli came back to the real world with a bump, and went on to sell fresh produce to the top restaurants and canteens via contract caterers, and even trained Hestons’ BaxterStorey grads on produce & provenance in the city.

He’d later journey down to Dorset to ‘Live the Dream’ with other deluded Londoners. He then worked in Digital, in Dorset’s coolest agency, honing his skills before finally coming to a realisation that slow food and fast tech could mix. No one was making super healthy lunches delivered straight to your desk.After doing 4500 meals single handed it was time to  enlisted some of his pals to get a hassle free lunch ordering website up and running, and here we are today!



Head of Kale & Nutrition

Welcome to the Lunch’d lab: here comes the science bit! We just fancied saying that really, but hang on this is important. All our seasonal recipes start life as ideas in Oli’s head. Then our first port of call is with our expert freelance nutritionist, Wendy King  BSc NutMed.

Her analysis tell us nutritional breakdown, cognitive benefits, and why this is exactly what the nutritionist would order! This will be available on all recipes from January 2015.

Don’t forget: what’s good for a web developer may be slightly different to what a creative needs to power them through a demanding day.   Click below to see examples of this season’s analysis, class dismissed!

For blog articles on this and much more on health visit www.wendyking.co.uk



Head of Radish & Tech

Oli supplied Lunch’d to Rad’s agency for 6 months, and they chatted regularly at various beach socials. They soon realised that they had similar ideas, but totally different skill sets. An early investor with a strong  financial grounding, Rad was exactly what this foodie start-up needed. Planning, cashflow forecasts and tech weren’t Oli’s strong points, but they are Rad’s.

With an impressive background in both hospitality and digital, Rad has successfully run start-ups all the way through to selling agencies – as well as siting on the board of other tech companies in Dorset. And he’s only just 30. A foodie at heart with an interest in pushing boundaries in digital and user experience, it was clear Lunch’d would be a project Rad could get his big old teeth into. His business acumen, financial planning and tech experience have enabled Lunch’d to successfully power through its first year.



Head of Asparagus & Brand

As well as working as creative director for a digital agency, Tom crowbars time into being Head of Asparagus and Brand at Lunch’d. The guys have been friends since they met at uni, and Tom lends his ‘sent from the gods’ design eye to the Lunch’d design and overall feel of the brand. Often head kitchen DJ, as Tom puts it, “Left to your own devices you guys would end up listening to Missy Elliot, and that’s just wrong”. Where there’s a Perron project you’ll find Tom next to him.

Font fascism and eagle-eyed detail mean perfect execution. Sharing a flat together and filming their food adventures, these 30-something foodies have had more then there fair share of laughter (Note: we did originally write ‘more laughs’ then hot dinners…but that’s just not possible).



Head of Carrots & Film

Meet ginger-haired Nick Fry, Head of Carrots: Oli’s oldest school friend and the man he blames for failing for his A-levels.  He’s tasked with the regular filming of the seasonal vids, keeping the team morale up with his down-to-earth put downs and razor sharp wit. He’s the man who kept Oli sane and smiling through that first tough year. Nick and Oli were making videos together 20 years ago, so elated  to be now mucking around together on a pro level. Nick married one of Oli’s ex-girlfriends, so yeah the guys are close! The jibes continue…


* See: we're human after all.

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