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Tell me more about how the menu works

We work on a ten day rotation, so each day you have choice of 4 awesome dishes two hotbox options meat and veggie and two wrap & salad options one , that’s a total of forty seasonal dishes, giving you lots of variety throughout the season.

You will receive new menu options next March for the Spring 2015.

Your hard earned money, directdebits and payments

We searched hard to find a Directdebit partner that fits with us and hopefull you’ll agree it’s as transparent with payments as we are with our food.


That’s why  GoCardless will email you:

– As soon as you sign up

-To let you know when the first payment will be debited from your account.

– Each week before the money is taken out of the account

– If you change the level of your subscription either up or down

– If you cancel your directdebit


They have it all covered, any problems let us know by email or pick up the phone and we’ll talk you through the problem.

How do I cancel my FeedMe package?

Let us know on the cancellation form and we’ll do the rest.

Delivery FAQ’s

How do I change my menu choices?

You can’t they are stuck forever! Course you can, just email us and we’ll send you a new form or email us your changes and we’ll edit them for you. We’ll need to know at least 24 hrs before we deliver though.

What time will my delivery arrive?

We’ll discuss you’ll timed delivery, and exactly where you’d it left. don’t worry we’ll have awesomeness delivered before midday.

Can I cancel the FeedMe package?

Yes of course you can. We hope it wasn’t something we said but we understand things can’t last forever.

Can I order more lunches if I’m on the FeedMe package?

If you’ve gone for the 3 day plan but decide on the odd occasion that you want another lunch, no problem. Just order extras and we’ll debit the additional charges in the following week.

Can I pause my FeedMe deliveries?

We know that you’ll go on holiday or be away from the office from time to time. So if you need to pause your deliveries, just get in touch with us and we’ll sort it out for you, even if the reason is because you’re bored of us and need a Lunch’d break!

We’ll need 1 weeks notice, just so we can get our order levels right.

Why’s there a delay before the first payment leaves my account?

Because Direct Debits are not instant like PayPal. They need a few days to setup before we can debit the money from your account.

The guarantee behind Direct Debits also require us to let you know at least 7 days before we debit any money.


We send occasional news, and our awesome new menus.

We’re just happy to have you onboard!

Excellent. Our emails will be winging their way to you soon.

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